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5 More Energy and Money Saving Tips by Element Group Ltd

The 1st of April is here, and we're all going to feel the squeeze, so if you're looking for ways to help save money and decrease your energy levels, then in this post, I will share with you five more easy tips that can help you achieve just that.

Tip 6: Switching off the Lights

This paragraph discusses the benefits of turning off lights when leaving a room and suggests that doing so can help reduce one's electricity costs.

An essential habit to develop and stick to is ensuring that you always turn off the lights when leaving a room. If no one is using that room, who's benefitting from the light? Set yourself a reminder to get into a habit. You can save a good chunk of your monthly electricity costs by regularly doing something as simple as this.

Tip 7: Turning down your fridge

Turning down your fridge slightly during the winter can save energy, as it's cold outside and in your home; your fridge doesn't need to work as hard to keep things cold as it would during the summer months. Also, if you are going on holiday or even away for a few days, it's always good to turn down your fridge as it won't be opened as much for a longer period, so won't need to keep working to keep the fridge temperature down.

Tip 8: Turn the heating down.

Did you know that up to 60% of the electricity powering your home goes into heating or cooling it? Yet, only about 8% is used for actual tasks like charging your phone or having the TV on.

Aim to keep your thermostat at a lower temperature, around 17/18 degrees. This can make a big difference and help you save your energy costs while taking the chill off in the home. Using a smart programmable thermostat is even better. (see previous post about programmable and smart thermostats)

Tip 9: Use Smart devices

Using smart plugs can help reduce energy costs. They work in the same way that same as smart thermostats work. Being able to control your lamps, for example, puts you in a position where you can switch them on and off via your phone or even program them to come on and off at certain times.

Tip 10: Always Bleed your radiators

Bleeding your radiators can help prevent up to 3% of their heat from being lost each day. To do this, bleed them at least once every two weeks.

If you're not sure if your radiators need bleeding or need someone to come a do it for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange a visit.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do to save money and decrease your energy levels. You can have both of these things if you put in a little bit of effort.

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